Tuesday, November 21, 2006

BREAKING: Election Fraud in Auburn

In a day and age where seemingly every election is tainted by accusations of fraud, we've been lucky here in Central Mass. But in today's Telegram and Gazette, an Auburn voter levels grave accusations of lawbreaking on November 7:

I'm disgusted with the activities and lack of law enforcement that took place in the town of Auburn's polling place during the recent election. When I went to the polling room, the first thing I noticed was there was no police officer at the door. It seemed strange that something so official has no law enforcement. Then, to the left of the first precinct table there was a woman selling pies....

This is all against Massachusetts law, Chapter 54, Section 69.

This calls for an immediate investigation. Were they sugary "Together We Can" pies? Or the more bitter "Inmates on Kitchen Duty for Kerry Healey" pies?

I took a close look at the law in question:
Section 69. No pie.
Ok, so I'm paraphrasing. But shouldn't the Secretary of State and the Attorney General get right on this?

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