Saturday, November 11, 2006

Dagnabit! I'm a Democrat!

It looks like I caused a little bit of a blogswarm Thursday with my argument that Curt Schilling might be the best chance the Republicans have to save the state Republican party in 2008.

As I occasionally do with political posts, I cross-posted my entry to my page at Blue Mass Group, a community of Democratic and progressive bloggers. The article generated a lot of interest there, and was promoted to the front page, the first time I've had an article fronted.

As the day progressed, my article was picked up at Universal Hub, which is not at all unusual as my blog is registered on their "Boston Blogs" site. The version posted at Blue Mass Group was also picked up by the Boston Globe's political blog, which probably generated quite a bit of traffic to my Blue Mass Group page.

But somewhere along the way, some folks apparently didn't read the rest of my blog, because as time went by, it was assumed that I was a Republican (ewwww!)

The Progressive Democrats of Cambridge - DFA ran a piece declaring the state Republican party was dead, and included me in it!
Sure, there are Republicans grasping for straws today. There are even ruminations about Curt Schilling running for Senate. Nice try, but hardly a convincing case. Schilling's support for Bush will be toxic statewide. Lynn Swann's loss in Pennsylvania shows flaws in these sorts of celebrities-as-politicians arguments. People understand the difference between pitching a baseball and pitching a health care plan.
I don't care if you think my idea is out there (I don't think it is, I made a pretty good case), but please don't call me a "Republican grasping for straws..." That really hurts.

At least the gave me a link, at the Hub Blog, Jay Fitzgerald not only dismisses the idea, he doesn't even give me a link:
...For too many years, the local GOP has put all its eggs in the gubernatorial basket. Now it's over. They need to start fielding candidates at the local legislative level and slowly build. But I have a feeling they won't. Too many of them still believe a magic-wand candidate will emerge. Please. Curt's a good pitcher. But he's not going to save the GOP here. ...
Again, I can't stress this enough. I am a Democrat! I am not a Republican who "still believe[s] a magic-wand candidate will emerge." I couldn't care less if the Republicans nominate Kerry Healey, Curt Schilling, or Daffy Duck. I won't be voting for them in any case.

But I still think Schilling might be their best candidate.

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