Monday, May 22, 2006

Jerry Remy has "lost all touch with reality"

Letter to the Editor, from Saturday's Telegram and Gazette:

Sports announcer has a doll, not a mascot
SANDRA J. BELBA, Worcester

I'm a Red Sox fan, although I do enjoy the Patriots more. But I enjoy baseball and the Red Sox.

What I don't enjoy is Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo. I have listened and watched other games on FOX, NESN, ESPN, etc., and all the other announcers seem to be into each game and they tell you if it's a ball, strike or if the pitch is high, low or whatever.

Mr. Remy and Mr. Orsillo talk more about past games, haircuts, scratch tickets and so on, instead of the game. It's between the third and the seventh innings when they seem to be chit-chatting the most. They do pick it up for the eighth and ninth innings.

And will someone please tell Mr. Remy that Wally, the little one he has with him in the booth, is a doll and not real and not the true mascot. He's lost all touch with reality.

There was a time when the way to air any greivance one had was to write a letter to the editor. Sadly, the internet is changing the way we complain publicly. But it's good to see there are some out there who still write to their editor about the really important issues.

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