Saturday, May 6, 2006

Site Redesign

Today, I'm unveiling a new site design for No Drumlins. I had been using one of the generic Blogger templates for over a year and have been thinking about changing the look a little since relaunching the site a couple of weeks ago.

Mainly, I was looking for a template that would adjust to the screen instead of being a fixed size. I purchased a new laptop a couple of months ago and it has a widescreen display. Many websites (including this one) would leave wide swathes of unused space when viewed on my screen. I also realized that some of my readers still use a monitor with 640x800 resolution, and would have to scroll side-to-side to see the entire site. So after searching around for a new layout, I found one at and tweaked it to what you see now.

As you poke around the site, you'll notice that most of the items and links that were available on the old site are still available here. A noticeable difference is that my Bloglines blogroll is now on the left column. The blogroll includes all of the sites which I read via RSS feeds. If you have a blog reader or news reader and wish to subscribe to this blog, a link to my Feedburner feed is at the top right.

Among the links on my blogroll are a number of news, sports, and political sites. I also have links to blogs written by a handful of friends and other writers from North Worcester County. Those blogs include:
Another great source of local links can be found at Universal Hub, which has links to over 1000 area bloggers.

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