Thursday, August 17, 2006

Worcester: the San Diego of the East

In a letter to the editor of the Telegram and Gazette, a local man made the outrageous claim that San Diego was a more desirable city than Worcester. Crazy, I know. Then he posed a couple of suggestions on how to make Worcester better:
...The restaurants where we ate were immaculate and far superior to anything in this local area. There was a place called Supplantation, which offered all you could eat for $7.29, and it was fabulous. Other super restaurants were Denny's and Ruby's, plus a Mexican restaurant where we held the wedding rehearsal dinner...
I've always said the nothing makes a city great like a $7.29 buffet and a Denny's or Ruby Tuesday's on every corner.
California offers more tourist opportunities than one can fine [sic] time for. We also found an excellent Bible-believing church which is similar to the one we attend in Clinton. Worcester should take a tip from this and try to improve its image. I might add that even though the weather was very hot, we didn't mind it, as the humidity was low compared to here and there were no mosquitoes.
Well sure, Worcester could use a beach where the seals can play or a world-class zoo, but I'd dare say there are plenty of churches. Maybe the city can buy some newfangled weather-control technology to make every day sunny, 80, and mosquito free.

How would you make Worcester more like San Diego?
More Denny's and Ruby Tuesday's!
More Churches!
Turn Auburn into Tijuana!
Sink Metrowest into the sea and let seals roam free.
Stoke up the weather machine!
Wistah's already better!
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