Saturday, January 27, 2007

T&G Readers are off their meds again

It's been quite a while since the crazy old readers of the Worcester T&G took over the Letters page, but today they are back with a vengeance.

This guy just can't figure out who's going to win before the teams play the game. Guess he better lose the bookie's phone number in a hurry:
It's difficult to pick a winner. I followed sports for years like the Boston Braves and the Boston Red Sox. ...

Some of these teams become the favorites but lose. Also, when USC played UCLA, USC was the favorite but lost to UCLA. The Patriots were favored over the Miami Dolphins but they lost. It's like politics, it's hard to pick them. The Patriots played the San Diego Chargers and the Chargers were favored. The Patriots won. It was a good game.
This ornery old chap has had it with the Heisman Trophy and the clowns who vote for it:
To me, the Heisman Trophy is overrated. The people who vote for the selection, one player out of 2,500 candidates, are jokers. Most of the voters never saw their choice play in person. It’s a publicity thing from the word go....

The 2006 winner was a dud while his team got trampled by Florida. He had received the trophy with the most votes in years. The winner is not supposed to lose.
At least these two codgers have it easy, considering that all they have to complain about is sports. One of their neighbors is having trouble in bed, and wants everyone to know about it:
[A] trip to the furniture store recently opened my eyes while shopping for a mattress. Hopping into bed is not as easy as it used to be. Today, some of these new mattresses are so high one almost needs a foot stool to say good night....

Your sheets no longer fit on such big, fat mattresses. I cannot help but wonder if these great geniuses ever think of getting the point of view of the lady of the house before implementing these super changes.

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