Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The warm President Nixon

Nothing says "compassion" like calling the losing coach of a Big Ten football game. Here, in his own words, is President Nixon outlining to his chief of staff examples of his "warmth":
Incidentally, on the warmth deal, the fact that after the Ohio State Game I called the Coach at Purdue --a team that had lost 8 games this year, and where the Coach is probably on the way out, and told him how I felt he had done an awfully good job under terribly difficult circumstances. This I did not put out and did not try to broker.
See, most presidents only call championship teams. Nixon also points out his way with foreigners:
I have used the Latin phrase to people over and over again "Esta en su Casa", which means, "whenever you are here you are in your own house".
Cuddly indeed.

(via Wonkette and Slate)

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