Monday, July 9, 2007

Southern Michigan Travel Journal -- The rest of me is also on fire

So, I’m off to Southern Michigan on business for a couple of days, and to pass the time and to deal with the boredom, I present the “Southern Michigan Travel Journal.” I’m sure this will be thrilling…

Canton, MI, 6:23 pm

Well, that was quick. In and out of the restaurant in about 25 minutes. Can’t complain about that.

What I can complain about is this heat. When I got in the car at around 5:20, the on board thermometer read 98 degrees. While driving to Canton, it hit 100 at one point. I’d guess it’s probably not that hot, since the direct sun and the radiating heat from the pavement probably added a few degrees, but it’s still hot. I had to wait in the parking lot for about five minutes for a car, and it was hot. (Have I mentioned it’s hot? Yes?)

Got a full-size car (only two dollars a day more than the standard), and it ended up being a Pontiac Grand Prix. Whatever. I was hoping for something a little better. I tried to talk the attendant into giving me a Cadillac, since my car wasn’t ready and there were a number of them just sitting out front, but no dice.

Oh, and it's hot.

(Posted from Southern Michigan, because as good as Don Pablo's is, it doesn't have free wifi.)

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