Monday, July 9, 2007

Southern Michigan Travel Journal -- Hoarding toothbrushes

So, I’m off to Southern Michigan on business for a couple of days, and to pass the time and to deal with the boredom, I present the “Southern Michigan Travel Journal.” I’m sure this will be thrilling…

Canton, MI, 6:45 pm
Just dropped five dollars and change at one of the most beautiful Wal-Marts I’ve encountered. Not inside, of course—they’re all the same once you get through the doors—but the façade is brick with a gabled roof and attractive windows. I stopped to pick up some travel-sized toiletries—I try to travel without them since the whole three ounce, quart bag crazy rules aren’t worth the trouble. While scanning the display of travel-sized items, a very talkative, very annoying young lady asked me if I was going on vacation. I made the mistake of answering her, and she proceeded to give me all sorts of advice as to which toiletries were the best deals.

I attempted to pick up a travel toothbrush (for some reason, she had about eight of them), and she suggested that if I was just going to throw it out anyway, I should by the 50-cent model around the corner. I thought about asking her why she had a handful of the more expensive toothbrushes, and how she knew so much about Wal-Mart’s toothbrush inventory, but I decided that fleeing for the checkout was a better bet.

(Posted from Southern Michigan, because I wasn't going to hang around Wal-Mart looking for a place to post.)

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