Monday, July 9, 2007

Southern Michigan Travel Journal -- My Prairie's on Fire!

So, I’m off to Southern Michigan on business for a couple of days, and to pass the time and to deal with the boredom, I present the “Southern Michigan Travel Journal.” I’m sure this will be thrilling…

Canton, MI, 5:50 pm

My prairie is on fire!

OK, so that might not mean much to some of you, but others will appreciate that I’m at a Don Pablo’s Mexican restaurant, eating Prairie Fire bean dip. And enjoying it very much. Were I smart enough to have remembered my cell phone, I’d call my friend Stacy and yell, “My Prairie is on fire!” through the phone. But I can’t so I’ll keep eating.

And my food is here, just five minutes after I ordered it. Adios.

(Posted from Southern Michigan, because as good as Don Pablo's is, it doesn't have free wifi.)

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