Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Deval Patrick, Supreme Court justice?

I'm not sure how I missed this one from a couple of weeks ago...The SCOTUS Blog, a pretty reputable (if a bit conservative) source for Supreme Court analysis has predicted that Deval Patrick will be one of the appointees to the Supreme Court if the Democrats don't blow it in the 2008 election:
...I assumed that the candidates would want the job. That is not always the case. Multiple candidates turned down Bill Clinton. On my list, Barack Obama may be otherwise occupied (and face constitutional questions about the power to appoint himself). Deval Patrick may prefer to run for a second term as Governor. More generally, though being named a Justice is obviously an extraordinary and profound honor, a nominee on the left is in all likelihood signing up for ten years of dissent on many of the most important issues of Court confronts....

My ultimate predictions? Kim Wardlaw (2009, for Souter), Deval Patrick (2010, for Stevens), and Elena Kagan (2011, for Ginsburg).
I would be in favor of that, although I think Patrick is looking more toward the 2016 Presidential election (or 2012 if the Democrats implode in the next 18 months).

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