Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Southern Michigan Travel Journal -- No way out of here

So, I'm in Southern Michigan on business for a couple of days, and to pass the time and to deal with the boredom, I present the "Southern Michigan Travel Journal." I'm sure this will be thrilling…

Destination City, 9:30pm
All I want to do tomorrow is get home earlier than 11:00pm. My meetings tomorrow were cut short, so I can get out earlier than planned if I can get an earlier flight. You'd think that would not be a problem, since there are flights from Detroit to Boston every two hours, but apparently Northwest wants to make flying on standby as thrilling an adventure as possible.

I figured that since I'm less than 24 hours away from my scheduled flight (about 7:30 pm) and therefore have the option to check in via the Internet, that I'd have the chance to put my name on the standby list.


I did have the option to spend $133.00 to change my seats, however. Apparently you can only request standby the day of the flight, or in person at the terminal, or after demonstrating an aptitude for biophysics or who knows what, but you can't do it when checking in online 22 hours before your flight.

On another note, in the otherwise bleak downtown of this city, there is an absolutely beautiful Wendy's restaurant. It is housed in a classic turn-of-the-century brick building that looks like it could have been an old train station or post office or something. It's entirely possible that it is a new building and not a classic structure, but either way, it's a pretty good-looking place, as Wendy's go. I'm not sure what it is with the beautification of chain stores here in Michigan, but it works at some level.

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