Saturday, December 23, 2006

Top 10 of 2006: #9 Bill Belichick's divorce

Over the last 10 days of the year, I will be looking back at my top 10 posts of 2006. Some are included because of my interest in the subject, some because of their popularity with readers, some because I just thought they were well written.

One of my most popular posts, thanks to a link from the sports humor site The Big Lead, was my guess at what Bill Belichick's deposition would sound like if he were to be called to testify in a divorce case in which he has been fingered as the "other man."

Even now, nearly six months later, I still get a handful of hits each day from people looking for info about the case, more often than not searching for pictures of the woman with whom Belichick is rumored to be carrying on.

July 20, 2006
Belichick on the hot seat?

Attorney: Please state your name and occupation.
Belichick: My name is Bill Belichick. I'm the HC of the NEP.

Attorney: How would you classify your relationship with Mrs. Shenocca?
Belichick: I'm a man. She's a woman. We relate. I guess that makes it a relationship.

Attorney: Would you say you had a sexual relationship?
Belichick: I can't say. I'm not an expert on that. There are experts for that sort of thing.

Attorney: I undestand you gave Mrs. Shenocca a watch. Could you describe the watch?
Belichick: It's a watch. It keeps time. It is what it is.

Attorney: Would you classify it as an expensive watch?
Belichick: I'm not a jeweler. You'd have to ask him.

Attorney: How much did you pay for the watch?
Belichick: I won't comment on contracts.

Attorney: What would you have to say to Mrs. Shenocca if she had attended the deposition today?
Belichick: I won't comment on the parties that aren't here. We're here to give a deposition and we have enough to do without worrying about who isn't here.

Attorney: Thank you.

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