Thursday, December 21, 2006

My Floral Gut

Today's news from the world of science was particularly interesting to me, as it appears that the reason I'm "husky" may be related to the creepy-crawlies in my belly:
Obese people have a distinctive mix of bacteria in their digestive systems that seems to make them prone to gaining weight, a startling discovery that could lead to new ways to fight the obesity epidemic, researchers reported yesterday. ...

The findings produced enthusiasm and caution from other researchers. Some praised the work for possibly offering a long-sought alternative explanation for the obesity epidemic. Perhaps some change, such as a food additive or antibiotic use, has caused a fundamental shift in gut flora, making it easier for many people to gain weight.
Don't you just love the term "gut flora?" That's so much more interesting than "intestinal microorganisms."

And not only could this breakthrough lead to a cure for obesity, it now gives some of us a more interesting excuse for our size. Instead of the stale "I'm just big boned" I now have the opportunity to come back with "It's not my fault I have a floral gut."

Much better.

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