Sunday, December 17, 2006

"That's what hate does."

It wouldn't be fair to tag all folks who oppose gay marriage as angry intolerant people who would resort to violence instead of debate. But it's clear that some of the movement's leaders are.

As reported in the Telegram and Gazette, the executive director of Catholic Citizenship left the stage during an anti-gay-marriage rally to assault a counter-protester.
WORCESTER-- Tempers boiled over at an anti-gay marriage rally yesterday when the executive director of the Boston-based Catholic Citizenship emerged from behind a lectern outside City Hall, rushed toward a female counter-demonstrator, and pushed her to the ground.

Sarah Loy, 27, of Worcester was holding a sign in defense of same-sex marriage amid a sea of green "Let the People Vote" signs when Larry Cirignano of Canton, who heads the Catholic Citizenship group, ran into the crowd, grabbed her by both shoulders and told her, "You need to get out. You need to get out of here right now." Mr. Cirignano then pushed her to the ground, her head slamming against the concrete sidewalk. ...

"Four judges do not get to decide what sin is," Mr. Cirignano said, as a chant of "Let the people vote" began to drown out the counter-demonstrators, who were outnumbered about 200 to 50.

Ms. Loy was holding a sign that read, "No discrimination in the Constitution" and counter-demonstrators were chanting, "You lost, go home, get over it," when she was pushed to the ground. Afterward, Ms. Loy, in tears, arose and yelled to no one in particular, "That's what hate does. That's what hate does."
What are they afraid of? Why do they resort to violence in the face of debate? Hopefully the Boston media will pick up the story and ask Ray Flynn and others who spoke at the rally why their leaders need to beat up their opponents.

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