Thursday, July 3, 2008

Naughton's Wekepeke earmark in final budget

Thanks to Representative Hank Naughton, Senator Steven Brewer and anyone who lobbied on its behalf, Naughton's $250,000 proposal to help with dam repairs and other upkeep at the Wekepeke survived the conference committee and will be headed to the governor's desk.

The only remaining hurdle is the governor's line item veto. Unless Governor Patrick strikes the line from the final budget and the legislature sustains his veto, the Department of Conservation and Recreation will have the money to spend. Here's the earmark (page 53 of the budget):
...provided further, that not less than $250,000 shall be expended for the purpose of aquatic management for the Wekepeke Reservoir in the town of Sterling
In the last two weeks, Clinton has agreed to the Conservation Restriction on the property and the state has come through with money to help maintain the property. After a lot of discussion and even a few hurt feelings, the Wekepeke land remains free from commercialization and a public resource for the communities of Sterling and Clinton.

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