Thursday, March 27, 2008

This can't be helpful

From the T&G:
Mr. Sheppard asked for a copy of Nestlé’s bid, which the selectmen agreed to provide. He also asked that a forum be planned with officials and residents from both towns.

Chairman Robert V. Pasquale Jr. reluctantly agreed to a forum, after urging from fellow board member Mary Rose Dickhaut.

“There’s a lot of concern over nothing,” Mr. Pasquale said. “Those people up there in Sterling have a lot of time on their hands.”
Instead of insulting we "people up there in Sterling" how about having a dialogue with us? If you want this project to go through so badly convince us why it is legal, and why it is good for the community.

While it seems clear that Mr. Pasquale couldn't care less what the people of Sterling think, he could at least be polite to our elected representatives. It's particularly disrespectful that a Clinton Selectman would make this comment with his equal from Sterling in attendance.

It's also not a very good negotiating tactic; some of us think the Sterling Selectmen are the only ones in town willing to make a deal. Insulting them when they reach out to you might drive them away from the table.

I hope Mr. Pasquale can set aside his contempt for the "people up there in Sterling" long enough to make it through this proposed forum.

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