Friday, March 5, 2010

So this is what the Item calls good news...

In today's Clinton Item, I came across a column asking whether the Apocalypse was near:
Recent events may draw one’s attention to the two apocalyptic prophecies from the biblical Book of Revelation: the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse (apocalypse being the ultimate extermination of mankind) and the sixth prophetic seal of Revelation, which predicts a great earthquake. (Source: Revelation 6).

The Book of Revelation explains that the Fourth Horseman brings with him death by disease and wild animals. While neither of these are particularly new phenomena, they have each made very recent headlines (Source: Revelation 6)...
The column then goes on to outline all of the horrific tragedies of the last couple of months, from the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile to the death of a Sea World trainer at the hands (flippers?) of a killer whale (seriously, this is the example of "death by wild animals.") It concludes:
So conclusively I leave you, the reader, with this final question: Are the seals of Revelation being broken? Are the Horsemen riding? Is the world coming to an impending end?

Or is this all just coincidence?
The kicker for me...note the title of the author:
Vanessa Murray is the calendar and Good News editor for The Item.
The Good News editor? I'd hate to see what the Bad News editor would come up with...
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