Friday, March 12, 2010

Thanks, guys.

It's been a week since I've had a chance to write. I've had meetings out of town, been dealing with a couple of family medical know, life. When I've been away, it's tough for me to get back on track. Through the week I've been noting things that I'd like to write about, but then I start thinking, "Well, that's four days old, no one's interested in that any more." Then I look at my stat counter and see that my numbers are way down (because I haven't written anything new) and I wonder if it's worth the effort, etc.

So I was really gratified by some feedback I got today. One of Worcester's must read bloggers, Nicole of Nicole, Worcester, gave me a nice shout out today as part of a critique of the Worcester news scene:
...We’re also looking at a situation where blogs are providing better election coverage than the local daily.  There has got to be a better way, preferably one that involves replacing Robert Z. Nemeth with Lance from No Drumlins.
While I don't have the gravitas that comes with the initial "Z," I appreciate the recognition, nonetheless. Come to think about it, I'll be more available in a couple of weeks, so if the T&G is looking for a local columnist, they know how to reach me.

Seperately, I also got this bit of feedback in my email box this afternoon:
Just checked out your website while doing search on Hank Stoltz (to see what he was up to). You've got some real good political news on Central Mass. You should have an about page to let people know more about you.
I've always tried to keep my identity veiled, if not anonymous (it wouldn't take a whole lot of digging around the archives to find out who I am, but I don't sign my posts with my full name, for instance). But as I alluded to a moment ago I'll soon be "more available," which is a way of saying that I'll be out of a full-time job. The company for which I work has relocated my position out of state and I have elected not to make the trip. Since my reluctance to be fully identified is based in large part on the nature of my job, maybe I'll create an 'about page' and pull back the veil.

In any event, I appreciate the kind words and the support. It's nice to be reminded that people are reading after all.
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