Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Live-blogging the original Super Tuesday results

You're looking live at CNN Election Central in beautiful crystal-clear High Definition...OK, you're probably not, but I am. Which is generally a great thing, but the first thing I see tonight is Lou Dobbs' xenophobic mug and I wonder just for a fleeting second if HDTV is really such a great idea. Anyway, is tonight the night Obama closes the deal? Does Hillary find the momentum she needs to stay in the race? I'll be blogging the results...now!

First, my predictions...

Vermont: Obama 66-34.
Ohio: Clinton 53-44.
Rhode Island: Clinton 55-45.
Texas: Clinton 50-49. But Obama wins the delegate race by 10+ because of the evening caucuses.

Tomorrow's story: Clinton stay in the race by winning 3 of 4, but picks up no delegates on Obama.

Now to tonight...

7:05 -- And Obama wins Vermont! CNN calls it. Dobbs seems to think it's no big deal, but Gloria Borger suggests that Vermont may be the most important state, since it may be the only blowout and would therefore be the only state where the delegate count is decisive.

7:12 -- Jackson has had enough. He wants to watch "Elmo ping-pong". I tried to compromise with the Bruins, but no luck...I'll be back in a few.

8:05 -- I'm back. Ohio too close to call. Some exit polls suggest it might be a little closer than the polls have shown. Many counties are open until 9:00 instead of the scheduled 7:30 because of the awful weather there, so it might be a long night if it stays close.

8:09 -- MSNBC showing the weather radar, I guess to prove that the weather is awful in Ohio. It's also raining and icing and snowing in Vermont, but I haven't heard any complaints from up there.

8:11 -- Breaking results from Vermont: Obama wins Townshend 170-93! Still waiting on results from Jamaica, Newfane, Brattleboro, Bellows Falls, and Westminster. Not because they're bellweathers or anything, but that's where the family lives.

8:15 -- MSNBC showing huge leads for Obama (42,000 votes) with 0% reporting. Their clock says the polls don't close for another 45 minutes. Results from early voting, I guess?

8:24 -- Terry McAuliffe is such a slippery slimy greaseball. He just finished saying that Florida and Michigan should re-vote because the party rules froze them out, then he says that it's OK if the superdelegates overturn the will of the voters because those are the rules and the Clinton campaign is just playing by the rules. Then give up Florida and Michigan, Terry. Those were the rules and you're just playing by the rules, right?

8:32 -- CNN has Obama up by over 120,000 votes now in Texas. Only 1% reporting. Polls still not closed.

8:38 -- It doesn't look like any votes from Ohio have been reported in the last half hour or so.

8:40 -- Update from Vermont: Jamaica, the motherland, goes for Obama, 132-57! Way to represent, family!

8:51 -- Taking a little break to watch the Bruins.

9:12 -- Bruins are tied 0-0 with under seven minutes left in the game. Tim Russert just said Hillary wants to take on McCain "Mano-a-Womano". No new results, although Tom Brokaw has been suggesting there are 50 superdelegates waiting for the right moment to announce for Obama. I'm guessing the right moment will be tomorrow.

9:19 -- Huackabee is speaking. Since no one cares, I'm going to switch over to the Bruins game. Still scoreless with a minute left.

9:26 -- Bruins lose 1-0 in overtime. At least they got a point. Huckabee is still giving his concession speech. Obama is losing big early in Ohio, but his strong areas will report late.

9:34 -- CNN calls Rhode Island for Clinton. Nothing yet from MSNBC.

9:41 -- I wish I had a cool map like John King does on CNN. They ought to get rid of Wolf Blitzer and the other 25 analysts and just let John King play with his map. Much more riveting television.

9:59 -- I'm not at all interested in McCain's speech. I'll get to hear plenty of him over the next eight months (eight months!). I want to get some more results.

10:02 -- Oh, MSNBC did call Rhode Island for Clinton. I guess I missed it.

10:03 -- I wonder if any of McCain's people realize that playing "Johnny be Good" as McCain's campaign theme song only serves to remind voters that McCain is old old old old old.

10:17 -- Looks like it's going to be a long night in Texas. Clinton leads by 16 points in Ohio, but the cities are still out. So far, my predictions look pretty good.

10:28 -- Just flipped back to MSNBC to see Keith Olbermann commenting on Chuck Todd's posterior.

10:43 -- Obama's lead is down to 600 votes in Texas. Yet, I think he's looking decent. Houston and Austin are still out.

10:49 -- Tom Brokaw just dropped his first reference to 1968. Drink!

10:53 -- Olbermann mentioned a few moments ago that results from Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) may not be in until 4:30 am. I promise I will not still be up for that.

10:55 -- And I guess it doesn't matter, since both MSNBC and CNN have called Ohio for Clinton.

11:01 -- Obama's now down by two in Texas, still waiting for the big cities to come in. This is just amazing. This nomination fight is going to go on for at least another seven weeks. I'm not sure that is going to be a good thing for the Democrats. At some point, something has to give.

11:14 -- Vermont update: Brattleboro goes for Obama by 945 votes (63% to 36%).

11:19 -- Here goes Hillary with the "Comeback Kid" stuff. She just ticked off a list of all of the states she's won. I was half-expecting a "Heeee-yah!" at the end of it, Howard Dean-style.

11:22 -- You'd think that CNN can get an HD camera or two out to these rallies. They've got all of these pretty graphics around the edges of the screen and the feed of Clinton's speech is fuzzy.

11:25 -- Oh God, here we go with the 3 am phone call thing. And now she's dropping McCain's name again. It's almost like she'd rather he win than Obama.

11:30 -- "Yes...we...will!" Hillary really ought to stay away from Obama's slogans if she's going to be accusing him of plagiarism.

11:43 -- Obama is talking right past Hillary, giving a general election speech in contrasting himself with McCain. Interesting visual, to see him talking like the nominee while the statistics to his left show him down by 45,000 votes in Texas.

11:56 -- Well, clearly we aren't going to have a resolution to Texas tonight. I'm off to bed. I guess I'll have to be surprised when I get up tomorrow morning.

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