Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Red Sox, Volvo not picture perfect

I'm flipping through the mail this evening and I get to this:

red sox ad 1

So I think, "This will be cool. Maybe I'll get a nice picture to tack up on Jackson's wall." It wouldn't have to be a shot of Big Papi or Dice K; a Dustin Pedroia or...hell, Kevin Cash...would be OK. So I open the envelope and pull out this:

red sox ad 2

OK, so the envelope doesn't explicitly say that a picture of a Red Sox player is inside, but it's reasonable to assume that with the Red Sox logo next to the words "Photos Enclosed: Do Not Bend" that the enclosed photo would be of something other than a red hatchback, isn't it?

This lesson in deceptive advertising was brought to you by the Boston Red Sox and Gallo Volvo of Worcester.

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