Friday, March 21, 2008

Nestle nominated for "Corporate Hall of Shame"

In an interesting coincidence, considering all of the discussion here about the possibility of Clinton selling it's water rights in Sterling to Nestle, the international advocacy group Corporate Accountability International has nominated Nestle for it's Corporate Hall of Shame. Nestle is vying for a spot against such renowned corporate scofflaws as Blackwater and Countrywide Mortgage.

Nestle has been nominated "for numerous labor violations including child exploitation, contributing to the obesity epidemic, and threatening community water supplies for its bottled water brands."

While I find the nomination an interesting coincidence, my opposition to the proposal is based on my belief that it is illegal and would not be the best thing for Sterling, not because of some high-minded environmentalism. In fact, I like Poland Springs water, drink it quite often, and had no qualms about munching Nestle-brand candies from Jackson's Easter basket last week.

But for those who oppose the project on more global grounds, this news can't hurt.

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