Friday, May 2, 2008

BREAKING: Naughton secures funds for the Wekepeke

The Consolidated Budget Amendment for Environment and Transportation was just posted to the House of Representatives' budget site. It includes the following line item:
...provided further, that not less than $250,000 shall be expended for the purpose of aquatic management for the Wekepeke Reservoir in the town of Sterling...
While it is less than the $1 million that Naughton originally requested, to get any money out of the budget in this year's financial climate is a significant accomplishment.

Note that the line does not specifically reference dam repair as the original proposal did. In fact the money was allocated in the Department of Conservation and Recreation line item instead of the Office of Dam Safety line item. The effect of that change is unclear.

The amendment has not officially passed yet, as debate will begin this afternoon, but approval in the House is just a formality. The appropriation will still need to be passed by the Senate and the Governor, but it is on its way.

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