Thursday, May 22, 2008

Michael Graham’s unwavering support for Veteran candidates

As I’m sure he did in 2000 and 2004, Michael Graham takes on those who would oppose a Vietnam veteran’s campaign for president this morning in a post titled "We Support The Troops...Unless They Run For President." Among the excerpts:

Berkeley liberals attack a Marine recruiting office and even try to cast spells on it. Cambridge shuts down a Boy Scout drive collecting gifts to send to soldiers in Iraq. Harvard chased the ROTC off campus during the Vietnam War and still won't allow them back.

But whatever you do...don't question the Left's patriotism!
It’s always nice to see a right-winger support the candidacy of a Vietnam veteran. One of the hallmarks of conservatism in the 21st Century is its unwavering support of presidential candidates who fought overseas...

Now, I wasn’t a listener of Graham’s back in 2004 (OK, I’m not now either; you got me), and I wasn’t reading his columns or blogs or whatever he might have been writing then. But I imagine that if I was I’d have found this:

We Support The Troops...Unless They Run For President.

Georgia conservatives attack a triple-amputee Vietnam War hero and tie him to Osama bin Laden. Conservative religious leaders preach that God sent the 9/11 attackers to punish America. Thousands of delegates to the Republican convention sport purple band-aids to mock the war wounds of a decorated war hero.

But whatever you do...don't question the Right's patriotism!
I’m sure I’ll find that link in the archives somewhere. Just got to keep looking...

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