Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Not "Wheezy"...WEEZIE!

Every so often someone will toss a comment into a post I did months or years ago. Of all the posts that I've written, the gift that keeps on giving more than any other is the one I wrote two Decembers ago about my quest to pick up Christmas Cards I ordered from Wal Mart

In it, I use the nicknames "Slacker McSkaterdude" and "Master Shaggy" in referenfcing a long-haired, multiply pierced, photo clerk and refer to his manager as Louise Jefferson because of her resemblance of the late, great Isabel Sanford.

Earlier this morning, a commenter named "Kam" didn't get the joke:
There is no need to judge someone on their hair, piercings and only what I can assume could be weight with the comment of "wheezing". How pathetic is that? It makes me want to stereotype you as an old religious nut who judges those who have some sort of individuality.
No, you see I didn't say the manager was wheezing or wheezy, I called her "Weezie" as in "George and Weezie." You know, George Jefferson's affectionate nickname for his wife, Louise?

I'm not sure how anything I've written could cause one to stereotype me as a religious nut, but I suppose using TV characters from the late 70s is enought to stereotype me as old...

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