Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sentinel gets it right on baseball in Leominster

It must be time for a vacation or a visit to the doctor. I read an editorial in the Sentinel and Enterprise this morning and agreed wholeheartedly with the premise.

I know.

The Sentinel opined this morning that Leominster should only pursue the minor league stadium plan if it includes an affiliated franchise:
We've been very supportive of a plan to put a professional baseball stadium on the landfill in the past, but worry about the prospects for success of an independent baseball team in Leominster, particularly with independent teams already in Worcester and nearby Nashua, N.H.

And while Nashua's team started out strongly, they have struggled in recent years. We think a big part of the reason for that is because they are an independent team and not associated with a professional baseball team...

No one would like to see a professional baseball team come to Leominster more than us, but we'd like to see a team affiliated with a Major League team make Leominster home, not an independent team.
Other than the poor "Bad team could strike out in Leominster" headline (just because a team is affiliated doesn't mean it won't be awful...and besides, I can't read anything in the Sentinel without something bothering me), I heartily agree.

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