Sunday, March 18, 2007

Friday was a good day...I didn't get shot

Friday, I got sent home from work early so I could beat the storm, went with the baby to a local animal shelter to look at puppies, and got in and out of Leominster without getting shot. I can't think of a better day.

Something tells me that folks in town won't be so lucky one of these days. There was another shooting in the South End Wednesday night. Again, no one was hurt:
For the third time in three months, shots have been fired at the Litchfield Terrace apartment complex. The latest incident, Tuesday night, occurred when a private security guard was on the site....

Shots also were fired outside an apartment building in the complex in February, and there was a report of a drive-by shooting in January, when three bullets hit a car.

After the February shooting, a few residents told reporters they were worried for their safety. One woman said she hadn’t seen security guards there for several months.

Mayor Dean J. Mazzarella heard from residents as well. He said yesterday police have added patrols at the complex. Police are at the complex on foot and in cruisers, he said.
You mean the mall security rent-a-cop on duty wasn't enough to keep a gunman from peppering a passing car with 10 shots? I could have told you that:
After three shootings, the mayor's first thought is that an extra mall rent-a-cop or two are going to make a difference? The last shooting occurred when a maintenance man tried to foil a break-in (also in "broad daylight."). Does [Mayor Mazzarella] really think that a guy with a flashlight, a badge, and a walkie-talkie is going to keep this from happening?
The mayor and city council have talked about the effect new meal taxes could have on business. Maybe they should spend more time worrying about what will happen to business as people become more and more afraid to come to town to shop and eat out.

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