Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pizza as a bribe

I know that police officers are often trained to tack on as many charges as they can when arresting someone. For instance, my brother once hit a patch of wet leaves and skidded across the road into a tree, injuring his shoulder in the crash. He got a ride to the hospital. He was charged with speeding, failure to stay to the right--no kidding--and leaving the scene of an accident. Of course, all but the speeding were thrown out by a rational judge.

But tagging a suspect with bribery for offering a cop a pizza? I'd say that's a little much:
LEOMINSTER -- A Worcester man arrested early Sunday morning in connection with a domestic assault reportedly tried to bribe a Leominster police officer with food, according to court documents.

Niko Sekuj, 21, of 360 June St., Worcester, allegedly tried to get Officer John Fraher Jr. to leave the scene as Fraher was arresting him on several charges, including assault and battery and malicious property damage.

"After I placed handcuffs on Mr. Sekuj ... he stated that he works for local pizza places and if I let him go, 'I'll hook you up' " Fraher wrote in a report. "I then asked him what he wanted me to do, at which time he stated, 'Let me go ... just leave.' "
Although maybe the officer just wanted to get the suspect downtown, where he could leave the door to the jail open so the suspect could run out and bring the pizza straight back to the station.

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