Monday, January 28, 2008

Big big big big big big big week

This week is shaping up to be one of the most interesting political weeks in decades. Starting tonight, the next four days will be crazy, and then half of the country holds primaries on February 5. After all of the buildup over the last 14 months, here we go...

First--and probably least consequential--is tonight's state of the union address. It's a little hard to believe that President Bush has squandered so much political capital that nobody cares about what the President has to say tonight, but there you go. Despite the general sense that the country is just running out the clock in hopes that he doesn't screw anything else up, I may look to blog the speech tonight.

Then Tuesday, the Republican primary in Florida will decide who is left to fight in February. Rumors are that Rudy Giuliani--who may have run the worst campaign in my lifetime--will drop out if he doesn't win. He won't. If McCain can hang on to win, he will probably coast through Super Duper Tuesday. If Romney wins, the boost might be enough to allow him to draw even in the national polls, setting up a wide open February 5.

Wednesday, whichever Republicans remain standing (Probably McCain, Romney, Paul, and perhaps Huckabee) will debate in California. Romney had a great debate last week in Florida, primarily because McCain and the others inexplicably declined to attack him. I'll bet the gloves will be off.

And then Thursday the Democrats debate in Florida and that will probably be the highlight of the week. If Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were at each other throats before South Carolina--a contest that wasn't really contested--I can't wait to see how they face off five days before the biggest single day in this campaign.

And because I know that all of you hang on my every word, I hope to blog all of it. At some point, I'll also announce my endorsement as well as plans for special coverage of the February 5 results. Bet you can't wait, huh?

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