Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mitt's "Sanctuary Mansion" and other thoughts on tonight's GOP debate, Part 2

All right, here comes the second half of the debate, (part one is here) started by a crazy gun nut.
  • Speaking as someone else from a small town, I don't have any affinity at all for guns.

  • The whole gun thing is weird to me. This guy is asking about an old Giuliani quote suggesting that gun owners should have to take a test. Here's the thing I find fascinating. Many Republicans who would be against a "test" to own a firearm would, in some cases, be the same people who would be in favor of similar restrictions on voting rights.

  • Mitt Romney: The way to fix the problems of the inner city are to get "more moms and dads." Oh brother! What a naive gas bag. Would Romney be willing to allow the illegal immigrant mothers and fathers of American citizens to stay? That would keep more moms and dads in the inner city.

  • Giuliani is really in a rough spot with the gun control laws and abortion questions.

  • Huckabee is so good. I'm telling you, he could almost convince me that the Death Penalty is OK. He can't, but he's a very attractive candidate.

  • Oh geez, and now they ask Giuliani about the Bible. Could he be any more uncomfortable?

  • Why can't Mitt Romney answer a simple question about whether or not he believes the Bible is literal or not? Any time he is asked a yes or no question, you can see that he just dies inside.

  • Huckabee, on the other hand, hit the question out of the park. What a contrast. Where it was obvious that Romney and Giuliani were scared to death of answering incorrectly, Huckabee is obviously so comfortable with the topic (as an ordained minister) that he could say that parts of the Bible were allegorical and you knew he meant it, and believed it.

  • Funny stuff from Giuliani. King Kong and less snow. Nice.

  • This woman is dressed like a Muslim and has an Arabic sounding name, but she keeps saying "eye-rack" instead if "ee-rock". She sounds more like George Bush Sr. than someone of Middle Eastern descent.

  • What a bunch of war-mongers. McCain can't have it both ways. Saying he's in favor of the war and the surge, but that he's against Rumsfeld won't fly as well as he thinks it will.

  • Andrew Jones of Seattle, WA has the American flag backwards in his video. I wonder if he realizes he's being unpatriotic.

  • Oh, there goes Romney again, explaining why he won't answer a question. This thing about not wanting to answer about waterboarding because he doesn't think a president should tip his hand about what interrogation techniques is baloney. He doesn't want to answer because he doesn't want to be pinned down by his opponents.

  • Good for McCain for skewering Romney on his wishy-washiness. Either you're for torture or you're an American.

  • Thompson is just a taller older Mitt Romney. He doesn't stand for anything either.

  • Well, I guess it took me about 95 minutes to be totally fed up with these guys. I should get a medal for my patience.

  • I give McCain credit. I think he's a true believer. I think he's wrong, but I think he is genuinely committed, unlike President Bush, who goes along to get along.

  • Thompson wants a powerful VP because if elected, he plans on napping frequently.

  • Have you heard that Duncan Hunter built a fence?

  • What an uncomfortable round of applause for the gay man. I wonder how many people in the room are seeing an openly gay man for the first time.

  • So let me get this straight, political conservatives shouldn't be forced to fight along side gays?

  • And there goes Mitt dodging again. Either you stand by your support of gays in the military, or you no longer support it. This "I'm going to do what the military leaders tell me to do" is both disingenuous and dangerous. It's disingenuous because he's obviously just trying to avoid answering (for good reason, either he's a flip-flopper or a liberal based on his answer). It's dangerous because the president is the civilian in charge of the armed forces, not the other way around. He is elected to tell the military what to do, not to take orders from them. If we wanted to take orders from generals, we would have set this country up as a military dictatorship.

  • No Rudy, Blacks don't vote for Republicans because they know that 1/3 of you hate them and wish the Confederacy had won.
And my tape has run out. Guess the debate ran a little long.

Winners and Losers? I'd say the Huckabee train continues to pick up speed. He was really good. I think he connects with voters and comes across as a leader. Giuliani and McCain were OK, although Rudy had a rough when the subject turned to guns, abortion, and the Bible. Romney had a really bad night, to the point that he was being booed and heckled after the 14th time he refused to give a straight answer. Thompson was also a disappointment.

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