Sunday, August 19, 2007

"What I believe in is love." and thoughts from today's Democratic Debate -- Part 2

You are looking live at Des Moines, Iowa, site of the 458th Democratic Presidential debate. OK, again not live, since I have better things to do at 9:00 am. Obama says he's out of the rest of the debates (other than the "official" debates), but I'm not! I'll be here for all of them.

The first part of the debate is discussed here. Part two starts now...
  • Well hang on a minute George. Why don't you tell us what's been going on for the last 30 seconds, or roll some video of what we missed. Don't tease us like that.

  • So the first video question was from a farmer in overalls, and the second question was from some guy standing in front of what looks like an elementary school bulletin board, speaking so fast that they needed to add subtitles. Those were the two best questions ABC could get?

  • Mike Gravel, when have you lied to your constituents? I haven't been truthful about just how lousy my opponents are.

  • Biden says he's never not told the truth, in fact he says too much. How about you start with this answer.

  • Kucinich also hasn't ever lied. Your nose is getting longer, Dennis.

  • Obama says he doesn't talk enough about the cost of energy efficiency. Whatever. This is obviously a stupid question. No one wants to answer it.

  • Edwards said it was when he voted for the war and didn't speak about his concerns. Hillary is saying the same thing, but without the sincerity. She just can't say she made a mistake without qualifying it. Can't do it.

  • Richardson says he makes a mistake a week, but despite that, he'll be a great president who loves America and the constitution.

  • Dodd says he's upset that he didn't filibuster the Military Commissions Act. And he got a hearty round of applause.

  • I'm distracted by the fact that Dodd has snow white hair, and heavy dark brown eyebrows. I wonder if he'd look better or worse if his eyebrows were white as well.

  • George qualified his question on education with the admission that no one was talking about it. I've got to say I'm not paying attention.

  • Except that Richardson seems to be the only one who got real support form the crowd, with his suggestion that he has a one-point plan for No Child Left Behind and his proposal to add 100,000 math and science teachers.

  • Gravel is reinforcing the idea that he is bat-shit crazy.

  • Whoops, ABC just flashed the closing credits on the bottom of the screen as Biden started talking. Guess we know the producer wants to get out of here as soon as possible.

  • How can you ask a yes-or-know question about the banking and mortgage crisis? What kind of a stupid idea is that. We could have an entire debate on this issue.

  • It sounds like Kucinich wants the federal government to take over the mortgage industry. I'm not sure that would be a better idea.

  • What was the decisive moment in your life:
    • Kucinich: living in a car as a child.
    • Obama: Going to college.
    • Biden: The civil rights movement.
    • Richardson: When my wife agreed to marry me.
    • Gravel: When I realized that representative government was broken.
    • Edwards: When he saw his father watching PBS. (no really)
    • Dodd: Decision to join the peace corps. (He now has the fly on his head).
    • Clinton: The women's movement. What a boring, pandering, unfulfilling answer.

  • I want to know what Richardson resented. In his last answer, he started to say that he resented...and then Stephonopolous cut him off. I'd have liked to hear what he was upset about.
I'll be interested to see what everyone else thinks about the debate. For the first time, I thought Richardson did very well, and was the "winner." He was able to set himself apart on the war and on education, and his opponents were on the defensive in response to his positions (especially on the war).

If there was a loser (other than Gravel, who might as well be running for president of Saturn), it was Edwards. I think he's losing traction a little, despite the fact that the arena was obviously stuffed with his supporters. I also thought Clinton was a little less impressive than usual.

Until next time...

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