Monday, August 20, 2007

Tips on going to the zoo

We took Jackson to the Roger Williams Park Zoo today and the experience taught me a couple of things:

1. Do not buy food at the concessions stand. While I was standing at the window waiting for my sodas to be delivered, I watched as one of the Aramark workers snatch a French fry out of the one of the plates of fries waiting to be delivered to a customer. She saw that I saw, looked at me like a three-year old trying to play innocent, and then ate the fry when I pretended to look away.

Not only did some poor hungry kid get one fewer fry then he should have, but the Aramark worker wasn't even wearing gloves, so who knows what else he got with his order.

2. A 14-month old child doesn't care all that much about the animals behind the cages. Jackson had much more fun chasing the sparrows around the food court than he did watching kangaroos and monkeys sleep the day away (Although he did enjoy the elephants). I'm guessing he'd have had as much or more fun running around the back yard as he did being trucked around the zoo.

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