Thursday, August 9, 2007

"My heart is clean" and other thoughts on tonight's Democratic forum

You're looking live at Los Angeles, where six of the Democratic candidates are facing off at the first LGBT-themed debate. Two hours, huh? I'll be interested to see if the entire time is used discussing LGBT issues, or if the candidates will be asked questions on other subjects.

Margaret Carlson is about done talking--and hey, there's Doogie Howser!--so away we go....

Hey, isn't this supposed to be a debate? They're just coming out one at a time? Oh, that's not nearly as much fun. Besides, what are they going to do, talk about issues? First up, Barack Obama.

Barack Obama
  • This is pretty tough. A guy like Obama who is trying to walk the tight rope between civil unions and gay marriage is really on the spot. What he's trying to say (without saying it) is that the government should be out of the marriage business and that all legal unions should be "civil." Of course, he can't say that, because that would be seen as incredibly radical. So he dances around this idea of "all the rights conferred on heterosexual couples" and "the church should decide what they call marriage."

  • "We've got gay friends in the red states, and we play little league in the blue states." What in God's green earth is he talking about? Do gay kids not play little league? Or maybe Democrats don't play little league? I don't get it.

  • Does it help or hurt Hillary that whenever anyone refers the the Human Rights Campaign, they use her initials (HRC). Every time Obama uses the acronym, I think of her.

  • Melissa Ethridge is peeking over the reporter's shoulder, trying to read his notes. I wonder if she'll end up stealing one of his questions.

  • Obama is already tired of the "civil unions" question. What did he expect he was going to be asked about, Barry Bonds? (sorry, Keith)
John Edwards
  • It's John Edwards, and he's going to get a health care question. Why should domestic partners/same sex spouses be refused health care benefits? What can you do about it? It sounds like he was going to tell this story about homeless gay youth regardless of the question he was asked. That really drives me crazy. And not just about Edwards. Any candidate who fudges answers in order to spew their talking points is a little shady (and I know, they all do it).

  • Are you uncomfortable around gay people? Well?

  • Edwards is in favor of teaching "I have two mommies." The right wingers are going to have a conniption tomorrow. Oh, and now they are asking him what he would do if he had a transgendered employee working in his department. And Edwards is blinking and stammering. You know these guys all have the general election in the back of their mind and they are trying to parse their answers.

  • "I shouldn't have said that" my religion influences my thought that marriage is between a man and a woman. Why? Because it leads to questions like this one.

  • I think you should know the truth...that's always a red flag. What have you been telling us for the last 15 minutes?
Dennis Kucinich
  • Are you pandering to the LGBT community as you did at the AFL-CIO forum? Do you ever say no? No, just give me more money, thanks.

  • Put the equal sign inside a heart, and that's what we should be about. Oh great googly moogly.

  • That's not what it says, it says "all men are created equal," not "all are created equal." While it may be philosophically true that "all are created equal," that's not what the founders wrote. Who are you to rewrite the Declaration of Independence?

  • So Dennis, what do you think of weed? All for it. If your doctor says so, smoke away.

  • How are you going to get elected president? See above.

  • "My heart is clean. I have the ability to see" into the soul of the earth or something. I didn't catch the rest. Man, when he talks about his personal philosophy, he is really out on the moon.

  • "I send you great love...I love all of you." And he just hugged himself. Dennis Kucnich just gave himself a bear hug as he was walking off the stage. I dare any of the Republicans to hug themselves at the Iowa Straw Poll Saturday.
That's it for tonight. I'm exhausted.

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