Monday, April 30, 2007

Local journalist assaulted, unharmed

This doesn't quite belong up there with the intimidation that some journalists face in other parts of the world, but still, when the editor of a local newspaper is assaulted at an area seniors' meeting, it's worth noting:
After taking a few photos of bargain hunters browsing (see innocent bystanders in photo), I interviewed one of the dissenters...Behind us, someone started shouting. One of the club members was yelling, others joined in. Next thing I knew I was in the middle of a geriatric brawl....

“Are you recording what we’re saying? He’s recording us!” one fired up member on the porch shouted. Apparently, this is the Lancaster equivalent of yelling “gun!” at a political rally. Actually, I’d shut the recorder off just after the shouting match in the hall. Bearing no concern for her own safety, this septuagenarian leapt forward, grabbed the weapon (voice recorder) with one hand, my arm with the other and struggled to wrestle it from my steely grasp. Not wanting to get into fisticuffs with gram, I let go. With her prize in hand, she scurried back through the door, protecting the device like a football player guarding the ball while running for that 30-yard touchdown...
And that's the difference between Lancaster and Leominster. In Lancaster you get beaten by little old ladies, in Leominster you get shot at.

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