Monday, November 3, 2008

My Election Day Ballot: Obama, Kerry, Olver

Here is my ballot tomorrow:

Barack Obama. Read the last nine months of this blog to find out why.

John Kerry. The Senate will be Democratically controlled, and we should not marginalize our clout there by replacing a long-time Democrat with a back-bench Republican. Kerry's reelection is especially important given the tenuous health of senior Senator Ted Kennedy.

House of Representatives
John Olver. I have met him twice and he seems to be an ornery old man who has little use for his constituents. The best thing he has done for North Central Massachusetts recently has been to advocate for redistricting us back into a Worcester County district where we belong (OK, to be fair, he also helped fund commuter rail improvements in this part of the district). Even so, his opponent is a not-ready-for-primetime Republican who thinks gas would cost 98 cents a gallon if he were elected and appears to be running for the Afghani or Iraqi parliament.

Ballot Questions
No on 1. No on 2. No on 3.

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