Tuesday, November 4, 2008

America wins! Live blog, part 2

It looks like Obama is going to win. Part 1 of the fun is here. As usual my comments are in red and Scott's are in blue...

9:39 -- The commentators on BBC America are much more entertaining than the American media. That's probably because, unlike Michael Vick, they don't have a dog in this fight. They can say anything they want without fear that the public is going to get bent out of shape, since the only people watching this channel are people who thought Footballers Wives was on tonight and mis-programmed their DVRs.

9:44 -- Okay, WHDH is calling a Yes for Question 2. I voted no, but it's because I don't think this bill goes far enough. I think marijuana should be legal, but regulated by the state in a way similar to alcohol, perhaps slightly more stringent. My plan: growing weed for personal use in the home will be legal. If you want to purchase or smoke outside the house, however, you would have to do so in designated hash bars, like they do in Amsterdam. Possessing marijuana outside of the home or a hash bar would be subject to fines and legal penalties, to discourage both dealing to minors and potential issues like stoned driving. This plan would both allow greater personal freedom while creating a new source of income for the state, who could tax weed purchases in the hash bars. Plus, a giant influx of potheads would come to Boston instead of flying all the way to Amsterdam. Frankly, as someone who doesn't smoke weed or drink, I think it's kind of silly for the government to say marijuana is illegal, but it's fine to get soused on rum every hour of the day; I don't believe weed is more dangerous than alcohol, it's simply more socially acceptbale. Vote no to hypocrisy and yes to government sanctioned hash bars.

9:56 -- "Fight I will!" And with that, John Kerry reminds us all why he wasn't able to do what Obama is doing tonight.

9:59 -- Frank Oz is his speechwriter.

10:00 -- I take back what I said about the BBC; DirecTV just replaced it with Comedy Central on the Election Mix.

10:02 -- Everyone is giving Iowa to Obama and and Utah to McCain. We're now up to a 207-129 lead.

10:07 -- The current count on Star Wars jokes is 3. If I can figure out how to work Plo Kloon into a reference, this will be a successful evening.

10:16 -- Obama has taken a 30,000 vote lead in Virginia. 8,000 vote lead in North Carolina, and 180,000 vote lead in Florida. Keep pouring it on Barack!

10:17 -- Scott has taken leave from his place at the nodrumlins presidential desk to get donuts.

10:19 -- By the way, here is a picture of nodrumlins election headquarters from just before 7:00, with the electoral map on the left and the congressional scoreboard on the right.

10:24 -- Fox news just reported that Chris Shays of Connecticut, the last Republican congressman in all of New England, has been defeated. There are no more New England Republicans in the house.

10:43 -- South Dakota goes to McCain. 3/5 of Nebraska goes to McCain.

10:44 -- Well, I'm back. This one horse town didn't have any stores open, so I had to go to Clinton for a pile of Hostess Cupcakes. I bet Plo Kloon wouldn't have had those sort of problems.

10:45 -- Fox has called Virginia for Obama. Searching for some confirmation from the other networks.

10:49 -- Anderson Cooper was just speaking to a hologram of Will.I.Am. Are you f***ing kidding me?

10:50 -- By the way, I've been watching Fox News because I like hearing them try not to act too sad. I'm planning on hearing Brit Hume announce Barack Obama as the next president of the United States in about seven minutes.

10:58 -- Just two minutes left. Someone get RZA and MC Serch ready for their remote.

10:59:50 -- It's like waiting for New Year's...

11:08 -- Watching the celebrations around the country, especially the pictures from historically black colleges was incredibly touching. As happy as I am that we have a new president...a new Democratic president...I can't imagine how emotional this must be for an African American, especially those who just 45 years ago couldn't vote in large portions of the South. Now, one of their own has been elected president.

11:14 -- CBS calls Florida for Obama.

11:15 -- Fox is going strong. First spin: reminding their viewers that Obama is actually half-white, so they don't need to really panic. Second move: suggesting that Obama's path was paved by the success of the Cosby show. Fox -- the comedy gift that keeps on giving.

11:22 -- The first crowd shot during McCain's concession speach focuses on a dopey guy who bears a strange resemblence to Neville Longbottom.

11:25 -- McCain looks like he's giving his speech from Downtown Disney.

11:29 -- McCain gave a gracious speech. A few hecklers in their crowd weren't quite as gracious, but there are always a few cads in every crowd. 11:30 -- While McCain was speaking, a majority of the nets called Colorado and Florida for Obama, and Arizona for McCain.

11:40 -- And now Nevada falls for Obama. Looking at the Indiana results, it appears that Obama leads by 8,000 votes with 96% reporting. Most of the counties that still have results outstanding are counties where Obama leads, so it looks like he might pull that one out as well. That would be huge.

11:54 -- So far, we've got 54 senate seats with Oregon and Alaska most likely going our way and the two independents. If Franken can pull it out (he was 42 votes behind with 46% of the vote in) the Democratic caucus will have 59 votes. Pretty good show.

12:17 -- Very nice speech. Now I'm going to bed.

12:20 -- What an amazing night. When I wake up, I expect that Obama will have won North Carolina and Indiana, and McCain will squeak out Missouri and Montana.
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