Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Live blogging Super Tuesday, part 2

Part one is here. My comments are in red, Scott's are in blue. For this hour we welcome the one-time Republican-leaning Cameron, whose comments are in black.

8:18 -- I appreciate the intro, but I still lean right. To prove it, I have my grandfather's rifle leaning against my desk.

8:20 -- So, what have I missed?

8:22 -- Eight minutes until Arkansas closes their polls. Yeah, they are closing polls at 8:30. Insert your own Arkansas joke here.

8:26 --So, Gomer Pyle wins Arkansas?

8:26 -- Chris Matthews couldn't resist his own Arkansas related joke earlier. Someone made a comment about Bill Clinton messing up the campaign when he inserted himself into the dialog, and Matthews said, "Things always seem to go wrong when Clinton inserts himself." Particularly nice was the reaction of disgust from the female commentators on set with him.

8:28 -- Yes, Huck and Clinton will win easily.

8:30 -- Someone just said "1968". Everyone take a drink.

8:32 -- Sure enough, MSNBC calling Arkansas for Clinton and Huckabee. They threw up the graphic, which includes a head shot of a semi-grinning Huckabee looking into the middle distance with an air of confusion. I think the networks should bring in the head shot technology used in NFL broadcasts -- moving video, with the candidate starting off by looking at the ground, then up, then grinning and flipping a football up in the air.

8:33 -- It seems that the media is intent on using only photos that show candidates at their worst. Naturally, there is a conspiracy in there somewhere.

8:34 -- Georgia is looking very interesting. Only 6,000 votes separate the three Republicans.

8:35 -- I see another reason to vote for McCain. He entered a New York rally to the "Rocky" theme song. If he will only jog up the Philly Art Museum steps, he has my vote.

8:35 - Delaware goes to McCain according to MSNBC.

8:37 - So, people in VA were showing up early to vote--a week early. Definitely going to bring that up in my next discussion with the brother-in-law.

8:37 -- The Globe has a cool interactive map with town-by-town results. Pelham and West Tisbury have gone for Obama. All other results still incomplete.

8:39 -- It wasn't just Virginia; I've read reports that Texas also had a slew of confused people who tried to vote today. In a way that's worse than Virginia, because you know those Texans had to ride a cow like 600 miles to get to the voting station.

8:40 -- The way to fix that is to allow vote by mail. But the Republicans couldn't turn people away from the polls if they did that.

8:40 - Nah, in Texas most of them just can't read. Mr. D would tell you that. And, 600 miles in TX is much longer.

8:44 -- I'm not even watching the coverage anymore, I'm just trying to think of more ways to trash Texas.

8:46 -- Tony Romo. Terrell Owens. Jerry Jones. You can start there. You can start there.

8:46 -- You're right. I don't even need to attack Texas, they trash themselves without any help at all.

8:48 -- Bolton goes for Obama 55-45.

8:48 -- MSNBC just showed a cutaway of Bill Richardson, who was waiting to be interviewed and clearly didn't know he was on camera. He's grown a scraggly beard and had a pinched look on his face while his eyes darted around, scanning the corners of his own head. He looked uncomfortably like Hurley on Lost.

8:51 -- I don't believe that. You're taunting me.

8:51 -- I'm both taunting you and telling the truth at the same time. Win-win.

8:53 -- MSNBC calls Alabama for Huckabee.

8:54 -- Bill Richardson isn't the only person who has grown celebrity-impersonating facial hair. Our very own guest blogger Cameron is rocking a faux-Christian Bale goatee right now.

8:55-- Theory. Huckabee plays well in the south for one reason: Chuck Norris. Down there Walker: Texas Ranger is still considered prime time viewing.

8:55 -- Any more cleavage on MSNBCinemax?

8:56 -- And I'm not talking about Bill Richardson's man-boobs.

8:56 -- Just Tim Russert.

8:57 -- MSNBC calls Massachusetts for Clinton. Dang it.

8:59 -- There must have been a malfunction with the scanners in Clinton. They registered 510 votes for Joe Biden, vs. 1,493 for Hillary and 806 for Obama.

9:01 -- Sorry, down for a couple moments. That's just one of the problems I face being Quinn Abercromby's love child.

9:03 -- Obama wins Delaware, Clinton wins New York.

9:06 -- Actually decent picture of HC on MSN.com. And she takes MA. And "her home state of NY" according to the same place.

9:09 -- And with that, I bid you good night. I know that makes me weak, but I'm feeling the long night with Damon the past two nights. Must be post Super Bowl Traumatic Syndrome.

9:09 -- Spaceman McGee in the cyberstation actually came up with some interesting disembodied graphics. In Democratic primaries, women voted for Clinton over Obama by just a 51-45% margin. However, African-Americans voted for Obama by a margin of 80-17, while white voters went for Clinton by a margin of only about 51-44.

9:13 -- I'm skeptical. Why is Obama getting hammered if that is the case? The exit polls in Massachusetts suggested they should be about tied, but he's getting killed.

9:15 -- Well, Obama had a lot of his support taken by Joe Biden.

9:19 -- McCain wins New York. Narrowly dodged that late Joe Biden surge. Clinton wins New Jersey.

9:20 -- David Gergen looks and sounds like a turtle. A well-respected and politically connected turtle, but still a turtle.

9:23 -- Chris Matthews is making a big deal about Clinton "beating Kennedy in Massachusetts". Which... yeah, I dunno. Seems like a bit of a stretch. I don't know anyone here, even people who vote for Ted Kennedy, that would be swayed either way by his endorsement.

9:25 -- Alabama goes for Obama. Alobama. Olobama? I'm sure someone will come up with a crappy headline using those types of jokes.

9:26 -- New Thread here...


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