Sunday, February 10, 2008

The delegate from Sterling

A week ago Saturday, I decided I would make my first foray into local politics (other than voting and attending town meeting) and attended the Democratic caucus for the town of Sterling. Essentially, each town holds a caucus in early February each year to elect delegates to the state convention.

Before heading to the caucus, I had done a little research on what the caucus was like, how voting would be done, the requirements to be a delegate, etc. I didn't go to the caucus with any expectations, really. I just wanted to see what it was about and wanted to get involved. I'd thought about it before, but now that we have made Sterling our permanent home it seemed like the time was right to take the plunge.

Well, 10:00 am came, and I made it to the caucus site with just seconds to spare (the rules state that only caucus-goers who are at the site at exactly 10:00 can run or vote for delegates and I wanted to make sure I was there in time).

I was one of just three attendees.

On one hand, this was a little disappointing, since I'd read about delegate fights and impassioned speeches by candidates on some of the activist websites. On the other hand, since we were there to elect four delegates, that meant that I was unanimously elected to the state Democratic convention as a delegate from Sterling.

What it also meant is that the three of us who attended (actually two and the town chair) agreed to vote for each other on the ballot for Democratic town committee at the primary last Tuesday (and have our wives vote for us as well to give us the required five votes). While I haven't seen official results, I assume that I am also now a member of the Sterling Democratic Town Committee.

So I'm now a member of the Democratic Town Committee and a delegate to the state Democratic Convention. Pretty cool huh?

(Goofy illustration of generic Massachusetts delegate courtesy of Demver.)

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