Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Live Blogging Super Tuesday, Part 4

How do you like it? How do you like it?
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Part one is here. Part two is here. Part three is here. My comments are in red, Scott's are in blue.

10:45 -- It looks to me as though the conservative backlash against McCain has had an effect, just not the effect the establishment was hoping for. The voters have thrown their support behind Huckabee as the alternative, as it seems that everyone in the nation has seen through the Romney bullflap. On the flip side, the states that McCain has won bring a significantly larger number of delegates than the ones Huckabee has taken, meaning that I think McCain will still be the clear frontrunner coming out of this. The interesting thing is that it may not longer be Huckabee that is stealing votes from Romney by staying in the race, but Romney stealing votes from Huckabee by staying in the race. As long as they are both in, though, it all works to McCain's advantage.

10:49 -- Sterling still ha
s not reported results. Probably because they had to hand-count a handful of write-in votes.

10:51 -- ...for Joe Biden.

10:52 -- Hillary is apparently acknowledging that real estate background by wearing her Century 21 jacket.

10:53 -- I thought she had been elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

10:53 -- Clinton just upstaged the networks by announcing that American Samoa has voted for her. C'mon, Matthews, where were you guys on that? Talk about dropping the ball.

10:54 -- Did she just announce that she won American Samoa? Has that been officially called? I think it's a power play so that if the result in Samoa is in doubt, she'll have already defined expectations.

10:55 -- Actually, I think you're right about her jacket. MSNBC just showed a glimpse of the back of her coat and it said "Ocho Cinco" on it.

10:56 -- Romney will probably be wearing a shirt or jacket in that color tomorrow.

10:57 -- What color is that, exactly? Flan?

10:59 -- At some point during this speech, Obama was declared the winner of Minnesota. He'll be traded to Boston for a 3rd round pick by the end of the month.

11:00 -- And Obama declared winner in Idaho as well. By my count that's now 9 states for Obama and 6 for Clinton. I heard earlier today that Obama actually campaigned in Idaho, and they rewarded him with a turnout of over 15,000, the largest political event in Idaho history. That's every single thing I know about Idaho. That and potatoes.

11:02 -- Arizona goes to McCain. Romney wins North Dakota. When did he live there?

11:06 -- Huckabee is on MSNBC, rambling. He just used the "size of the fight in the dog" metaphor, which is pretty played out. Clinton's speech was very good, especially compared to the crap dished out by Huckabee and Romney tonight.

11:06 -- CNN just reported that McCain has moved into first place in Missouri, leading Huckabee by only 400 votes.

11:08 -- Is MSNBC counting delegates yet? CNN hasn't started breaking down the delegate count by district yet, so it's hard to tell how well they are doing.

11:08 -- Huckabee also just used the "whiner" line about Romney. He assumes that nobody watches all the networks. Well, he didn't bank on No Drumlins. In your face, bible boy. As a follow up, Olbermann asked him if he was McCain's sidekick.

11:10 -- Earlier in the evening, MSNBC had some delegate counts, but they haven't done it recently. McCain had been demolishing both Huckabee and Romney at that early point, but I haven't seen any updates in a couple hours.

11:10 -- CNN just dusted off Lou Dobbs. At least they waited until after the polls closed so he wouldn't scare off any Latino voters.

11:11 -- CNN calls Minnesota for Romney.

11:12 -- Someone at MSNBC seems to be subtly supporting Clinton. When they showed the Republican side-by-side winner chart, the McCain list of wins was long, while the other winners had their couple states "top justified" to use some MS Word jargon. When they showed the Democrat graphics, though, the Clinton list of states had been spaced out so that the 6 wins took up the same amount of room on the list as Obama's 10 wins. The effect was to artificially boost the appearance of Clinton;s win list, especially since viewers had just seen the tiny win lists for dudes like Romney. In other words, someone gave Clinton a fluffer.

11:15 -- MSNBC calls Arizona for Clinton.

11:16 -- Carl Bernstein is wearing an awful pair of glasses.

11:17 -- Is it physically possible to give Clinton a fluffer?

11:17 -- Anything is possible in the MSNBC "virtual room".

11:18 -- Good news from Sterling. My neighbors cast more Democratic ballots than Republican ballots. Highly unusual, since Sterling is a pretty heavily Republican town.

11:19 -- More good news from Sterling: nobody stole the lamb statue tonight. This marks the third consecutive night nobody has stolen it, a town record.

11:20 -- At least we didn't have a steady stream of Old Timer patrons stumble up the hill and pass out on the Joe Biden lever.

11:23 -- MSNBC has finally started to show some delegate totals. At present, they are estimating 594 for Obama and 546 for Clinton. The delegate guru dude believes there's a chance they could actually end the night tied in the delegate count. On the Republican side, they just have ranges. They are projecting McCain at being between 400-650; Romney from 170-420 (depending on California) and Huckabee around 200.

11:26 -- Well, they are not going to end up tied at the end of the night, that's just silly. And the stuff about the Republicans is meaningless. So McCain could win, or not.

11:28 -- Hater.

11:30 -- CNN calls Georgia for Huckabee.

11:36 -- You know, Huckabee is doing very well tonight. He could easily end the night with more delegates than Romney if he can hold on to win Missouri (he's up 400 votes now) and Tennessee.

11:37 -- McCain's third and fourth words were "My friends." Someone has got to get him a new phrase.

11:39 -- McCain's mother is still alive? Does she sleep in those giant tupperware bins from Eerie, Indiana? Well, God bless her. McCain said they were going to bring her everywhere, as though they were afraid she might kick it at any moment. I just hope they don't tie her to the back of the station wagon like National Lampoon.

11:42 -- I think she lives at that cryogenic facility with Ted Williams' head. They just thaw her out when they need her.

11:43 -- CNN just called Idaho and Colorado for Obama.

11:45 -- Obama calls out Bush and FEMA in response to the tornadoes across the South tonight. He seems genuinely happy, doesn't seem to be forcing it.

11:45 -- I like how McCain went on a nice speech about how much he respects people who can withstand the rigors of a presidential campaign, and then ended his description with "...and Governor Romney has money." Very nice deadpan delivery. Olbermann for some reason thought this was "an olive branch", so maybe I missed something, cause it sounded more like a sharpened stick.

11:47 -- When Obama starts speaking, he just blows the other candidates off the planet.

11:47 -- Gee, I've never heard that "no Red States, no Blue States, but the United States" line. Is that new?

11:50 -- This would be spiced up if the crowd were waving foam obamas.

11:51 -- MSNBC calls Tennessee for Huckabee. Agrees with CNN and calls Colorado for Obama. Obama trails in Missouri by 9900 votes with 93% reporting.

11:52 -- Obama is within 10,000 votes in Missouri. He's getting the snot pounded out of him in California.

11:56 -- North Dakota had less than 19,000 total votes on the Democratic side for the entire state. Hell, here in Clinton, we cast that many votes just for Joe Biden.

12:00 -- The Obama speech just entered its second day.

12:03 -- Can we stay here listening to this speech until the Convention? "Yes we can!"

12:04 -- "We are the ones we've been waiting for" is a very good line. Meanwhile, Montana goes to Romney. Obama has now gone up by 3200 votes in Missouri with 97% reporting.

12:07 -- Wow! Who will win Missouri? Find out in part 5.


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