Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Patrick sweeps the North County

I'm not surprised that Patrick won, but I'm stunned both by the margin statewide and that he carried all of Northern Worcester County, despite our reputation as being more conservative than counties to the East and West (for instance, not one town in the North County went Democratic in the 2002 general election). I would have expected the region to go for Gabrieli or Reilly. But as we look at the results, Patrick not only won across the region, he earned majorities in many of them. Here are results from the surrounding towns:

Leominster 1,904 41% 1,523 33% 1,189 26%
Bolton 401 61% 161 25% 95 14%
Clinton 829 45% 451 24% 566 31%
Fitchburg 2,084 44% 1,433 30% 1,228 26%
Lancaster 488 61% 187 23% 131 16%
Princeton 315 59% 152 28% 67 13%
Sterling 427 51% 248 30% 161 19%
I'm stunned that Lancaster of all towns went that heavily for the most progressive candidate. To give you an idea how conservative Lancaster is (comparatively), Kerry only beat Bush by two votes in 2004. In fact, Sterling went for Bush two years ago, yet a majority of today's voters went for the more liberal choice.

The question for the general election will be whether or not independents came out for Patrick and will stay with him for the general, or if the votes he received were exclusively from party activists. If it is the former, Patrick will win easily. If it is the latter, we're in for a tough fight ahead.

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