Tuesday, July 18, 2006

You are what you...drive?

Gosh, I hope not. Otherwise, my 2002 Sentra suggests I am a reliable, yet slightly-below-average disappointment. Hey...

Anyway, the Sentinel and Enterprise asked the question and checked out what the gubenatorial candidates drive in search of an answer.

Chris Gabrieli appears to be playing politics with his rides. Gotta make sure you look environmentally friendly when you're courting progressive voters:

Democrat Chris Gabrieli...recently purchased a Toyota Highlander Hybrid, a nod toward environmental consciousness and reducing the country's reliance on foreign oil.

It appears, however, that Gabrieli's concern for global warming is a recently acquired characteristic, as his 2006 hybrid, which starts at $24,530, according to the Toyota Web site, recently replaced a gas-guzzling Lexus sports utility vehicle.

The family with its five kids also owns a 2005 Volvo S60. And Gabrieli apparently couldn't resist the classic millionaire's toy: a silver 2005 Mercedes Benz 500 Series, which spokesman Dan Cence says he "doesn't really drive."

Honestly, why have it if you're not going to drive it? If I had an $80,000 car, I'd sure as shootin' drive it everywhere...like Christy Mihos, who apparently puts more than 25,000 miles on his expensive ride each year:

Gabrieli is in good company with the "unbought and unbossed" independent candidate Christy Mihos, who some years ago bought himself a 1999 Mercedes Benz G500, which costs $81,675 for this year's model.

The former owner of Christy's Markets has logged 181,000 miles on it to date, said spokeswoman Nicole Nionakis.

"He's hoping to get one million miles," she wrote in an e-mail.

As you'd expect, everyman Tom Reilly drives a modest family car:

You won't find glitz and glam in the Reilly garage, where state Attorney General Tom Reilly parks his beige 1999 Toyota Camry, a modest value this year at $18,247, brand new.

And is there anything more Republican than a gas-guzzling American-made pick-up truck? I wonder if Kerry Healey has a gun rack too:

As for Lieutenant Gov. Kerry Healey, don't let that trademark string of pearls fool you. When she isn't being escorted by state police troopers around Beacon Hill, Healey rumbles around her hometown of Beverly in a very un-girly vehicle: A Ford F-250, black.

This year's F-250 model starts at $28,000, said Steve Twombly, sales manager at Drum Hill Ford on Westford Street in Lowell. But since that's the only family vehicle -- and Healey has two kids -- she probably chose the "super cab," which bumps the price up to $36,000, he added.

"Kerry Healey only gets about 10 miles to the gallon," he joked about the rig.

Deval Patrick declined to respond, citing privacy issues. I wonder if he hides his tax returns in the glove compartment. Wouldn't want them to get out, either.

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