Sunday, April 23, 2006


After blogging in fits and starts for a little over a year, I've "re-launched" the site in the last couple of days. Or at least, that is my intent. I can't promise that I my interest in blogging won't fizzle out again after a week or a month as it has on occasion since I started the blog in March of last year, but I intend to stay current.

I came to the realization that I needed to make a subtle change in the way I approached this endeavor. Previously, I would always ask myself whether a reader of this site would be interested in a particular topic before I would post anything. Often I would end up scuttling posts or not posting at all because I figured no one would care. I've decided that while caring what a reader thinks might be good policy if I'm writing for a publication, or a commercial site, it is irrelevant to a blog.

So I've decided to restart the blog with a simple idea: If there is something that interests me as I read the news or cycle through other blogs, or just in my everyday travels, I'll share it here. The only people reading these entries will be people who care about me or my interests anyway, so why worry whether or not someone will be interested in a specific post?

The tool that has most helped me organize my daily reading and thus made it a lot easier to blog systematically is Bloglines. It allows me to get all of the posts from news sources and blogs in one place, and it continually sweeps the internet for updates so I can read these sites any time I want, or continually if I want. I can "subscribe" to any site that has an RSS or XML feed. You can check out my Bloglines blogroll to see how it works.

All of the sites that I read (either daily or occasionally) and that have feeds are listed on the right in the Links via Bloglines section. That section is organized by topic. Other sites that I check regularly but do not have feeds are listed under Other Links.

I hope you find something interesting here. Feel free to add comments to any of the posts if you'd like, or you can email me using the link at the right.

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