Thursday, April 20, 2006

Greg Can't Play...MUMPS

The Washington Post ran a story this morning on an unexplained outbreak of Mumps in the midwest, and ran this fantastic old photo from the 1950s.

A Jan. 16, 1957 file photo shows Greg Cox, left, 7, in Altamont, Ill., as he looks at his friend Jon Douglas, 6, through the doorway while he recovers from mumps. In the worst outbreak in more than 20 years, mumps cases are spilling out of Iowa, popping up in at least nine other Midwestern states. Cases have also turned up in Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Wisconsin. Greg's parents posted the sign but it didn't work out too well because most of Greg's playmates were too young to read. (AP Photo, File)

I wonder if Greg's parents posted signs for "Being Sassy" or "Didn't Finish Chores" on other occasions when he couldn't go out.

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