Thursday, December 29, 2005

Niagara (The #3 event of 2005)

The #3 event on my Top 5 countdown of 2005 was the vacation Michelle and I took to Niagara Falls and Toronto the last week of May. The trip was somewhat of a surprise for me, as Michelle had mapped it out and planned the itinerary without telling me about it ahead of time.

We spent two days at the falls, three days in Toronto (including two forgettable Red Sox/Blue Jays games), and another day in Lansing, Michigan at my aunt's 65th birthday party.

It was Michelle's first trip to Niagara Falls and essentially my first trip too, as I had been when I was five years old but remember little about it. While the falls are beautiful from the shores, we took the walking tour down to the hurricane deck beneath the American Falls. It might be the only time that I have literally had my breath taken away, as the rush of wind and water was enough to leave me gasping for air. Like the feeling of shock you get in your lungs when you jump into a cold pool of water, except without being submerged.

In Toronto we were also very much tourists, taking in the basic sights like the CN Tower and Casa Loma. Michelle had also planned for us to see the Red Sox play the Blue Jays while we were in Canada (she picked the week for that reason) and while that seemed like a good idea at the time, the Red Sox decided that it was also a good time for their vacation, losing 6-1 and 8-1 the two nights we were at the Rogers Centre.

I posted a number of pictures from that trip back in June.
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