Saturday, December 31, 2005

Introducing R. Jackson Harris (The #1 event of 2005)

Without a doubt, the number one event of the past year was the news that Michelle and are expecting our first child in May. After a week or so of figuring that we were pregnant but not wanting to get our hopes up too high we finally tested mid-September and confirmed what we had suspected. Two weeks ago, we went back to the doctor for the 18-week ultrasound tests and confirmed that it will be a boy.

Ronald Jackson Harris, due May 24, is named after his grandfather and great-grandfather, solidifying a tradition of "Ronald J. Harrises" in our family: my grandfather is Ronald Junior Harris and my father is Ronald Jay (a tradition, Michelle readily points out, does not include me). He will be called Jackson, both to reduce the confusion in our family (I have a number of cousins named Ronald) and because Michelle and I both like the name Jackson.

I am alternately excited and overwhelmed. While there are days when I can't imagine how difficult it will be, and can't quite get my mind around the huge responsibility that goes with raising a child, there are many more moments of anticipation and excitement. Michelle has nannied professionally, so she has a better handle on what this will be like than I do. But, since our neice Kayla (pictured) was born 19 months ago, I've found that watching a child grow up is a whole lot more interesting and fulfilling than I would have imagined.
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