Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Third man out: Stolz says no to run after all

Well, so much for last week's story that Hank Stolz is running for state representative in the First Worcester district. According to an article to run in tomorrow's Worcester Magazine, the local TV and radio personality says, "Never mind."
Worcester radio and cable television host Hank Stolz, who had mulled running for state representative as an independent or Democrat, pulled out of the race last week in order to continue hosting political discussions and offering commentary on WCRN-AM 830 and Charter TV 3, according to this week’s Worcester Mag.
Lest you think I have some unusual insight into the inner working of Worcester Magazine, the scoop actually came across the RSS feed for WoMag's sister publication, The Landmark. The Landmark's Thursday edition comes across the wires on Wednesday morning, so their piece references a WoMag article that wont be published until tomorrow.
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