Friday, January 15, 2010

January 15 Forecast Forecast: Lean Coakley

Looking at the latest numbers, I'd say things are leaning slightly in Martha Coakley's direction. No, I don't mean the poll numbers, I mean temperature numbers.

The Forecast Forecast: 36.0F  More Clouds than Sun
Lean Coakley (Coakley +3.0)
Down 0.1 from Thursday

See Thursday's post for how I arrive at the forecast.

The weather is still pointing to a slight uptick in turnout, however there is one big caveat that wasn't as prominent yesterday. Apparently some models for the weekend storm (Sunday night into Monday) are calling for more snow than earlier forecasts. In fact, Channel 4's weather blog tonight suggests that areas north and west of 495 could get 6-12 inches of snow, with less as you head south and east.

If this is the case, it could depress turnout in critical Coakley areas of Worcester and Springfield (I don't know how Springfield is about clearing their side streets, but Worcester is not very good. One wonders how easy it will be to get around town less than 24 hours after getting a foot of snow).

Anyway, here is the data, as of 10:00pm, January 15:

Channel 4: 34F Mostly Cloudy
Channel 5: 32F Flurries
Channel 7: 35F Partly Cloudy
Channel 25: 35F Mostly Cloudy
NECN: 39F Mostly Cloudy
NWS: 39F Partly Sunny
TWC: 36F Mostly Cloudy
WUND: 38F Mostly Cloudy

(NECN: New England Cable News; NWS: National Weather Service; TWC: The Weather Channel; WUND: Weather Underground)
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