Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mitt muffs the easy religion question

Much of the discussion over the next couple of days about Mitt Romney's religious experience will center on his speech this morning. But just as telling--if not more so, since it wasn't a scripted message--is Romney's complete inability and/or unwillingness to answer the simplest question about Mormonism: how does your religion differ in its teachings from other religions.

I'm stunned at his non-answer. I understand that he doesn't want to be defined by his religious beliefs, but he completely uncomfortable by the question. He acts like he is hiding something. Is he afraid that by articulating what Mormons believe, people will find him weird or out of the mainstream? Or is he unable to articulate the central tenets of his religion, which would suggest that he is not as committed as he would like us to believe.

As the children's' song goes, "Hide it under a bushel? No. I'm going to let it shine!" Romney should take the advice and shine some light on what he believes.

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