Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bet this wouldn't happen to Tedy

So, you know how you call ahead to your local pizza parlor to order your meal, so it will be ready for you to eat when you arrive?

Apparently the crew at Papa Gino's in Leominster has never heard of such a thing. We called ahead for our pizza Saturday night, got to the restaurant 10 minutes later, and then watched while a parade of patrons who ordered their pizzas in person after we arrived were called to pick up their pies.

Then, once our pizza finally came out of the oven, they boxed it to go. I guess they figured that since it was a phone order it must be to go.

I'll bet Tedy Bruschi never has to wait 40 minutes for a pizza. And I imagine when he calls, he gets what he wants when he wants it.

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