Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Weekend of Firsts

Jackson had a handful of "firsts" this weekend. On Sunday, we went to the orchard to pick blueberries and apples for the first time. Later in the evening, he drove the mower around the back yard for the fist time (with some assistance from Daddy). At a cookout on Labor Day, he played baseball for the first time (again, with some assistance).

Unfortunately, all of the firsts weren't as pleasant. He went for his first bike ride in the bike trailer on Saturday afternoon and we cinched his helmet on so tight that we nearly squeezed his brain out of his head. At the cookout yesterday, Jackson also got his first bee sting. He recovered pretty quickly--he was back outside playing in about 10 minutes or so as if nothing happened--but every so often he'd point to his arm and say "boo boo" in this soft voice that would just break your heart.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the happier firsts:

blueberry 1
Inspecting the crop.

blueberry 2
Jackson's stash.

Mowing. (Note to DSS, the blades were off)

batter 1
A healthy cut. At least one of us is excited.

batter 2
Post-game pose.
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